Summer is just around the corner, and what could be nicer than to relax on the lawn on your new garden sofa sets. Outdoor furniture is essential in making the most of our free time and whether we are entertaining friends, family, or just ourselves making the most of our gardens in Summer is going to be far more relaxing on our stunning wooden rocking chairs. 

Garden Sofa Sets 

The lounger deck chair, wood, the foldable recliner is ergonomically designed and make you feel as though you are relaxing on the deck of an ocean liner and not just at home in the garden. You can adjust the backrest of the rocking relaxing chair and it has 5 different positions of adjustment, this would make a great present for mum and dad so they can relax on their patio in the sun. This is the perfect way to optimize a Summers’ day, completely relaxing.¬†

The garden sunbed is made of bamboo, firm, durable and eco-friendly, it holds up to 441 lbs of weight. When you are folding your new chair away, it must be placed in a second gear position, and then it folds down perfectly to store. 

Natural Bamboo Garden Sofa Sets 

This structure gives great support for both your head and legs, with a down rolling board to massage your feet, and you will easily be able to move it around the garden and follow the sun or the shade. Free shipping is offered for many products and if you order today you will have your new furniture very quickly 

Your Garden Furniture 

Your garden is an extension of your home, and when you attend garden shows, like Chelsea, you will see whole garden rooms set up with beautiful furniture provided to fit the space. The furniture that you choose will reflect your personal style, and you will soon get an idea of what you need to purchase for your newly planned garden room. So put some planning into place, and before you attend the show, take some measurements so that you have some idea of sizing before you place your order. If you only have a small outdoor space don’t go for huge furniture, as it will make your garden look smaller, it is important to get the sizing absolutely right. The shape of the furniture that you purchase is also important in fitting out your space. While you are at the garden show take lots of photos of your favorite garden rooms, then you can discuss them with your family before you place your final order.¬†

Your Garden Sofa Sets  

The sets come in many different materials, and often it is a good idea to combine the materials to complete a varied outdoor look. If you are in an area of frequent Summer rain, you may want to erect an open-sided Pavillion in your garden, so that a bit of gentle rain won’t interrupt your plans.¬†

These are great for sitting under in lovely wooden deck chair allowing you to enjoy the garden in all Summer and Autumn weather. If you purchase a wrought iron day bed, you won’t have to put it away you can leave it out all Summer and just store the mattress seat to keep it dry. It is great to have wood and metals mixed together outside as they reflect the diversity of your garden.¬†

Types of Garden Sofa Sets 

Wrought iron 

Fortunately, the furniture is quite resilient now, but wrought iron requires painting from time to time and the mattress or cushions for comfort. 

Rattan (Synthetic) 

This is a lovely evocative of the 1940s retro look. But the good news, it is made from coated plastic and is very low maintenance, also frost resistant. 


Purchase a weather-resistant wood like teak, cedar, or redwood, store when not in use. 


Lightweight and low maintenance, plastic, may warp after prolonged sun exposure. This is cost-effective and you can always buy more, if you want it to last longer you can store it. 


Once you have perfected your garden room, take some photos, as there are now competitions that you can enter and win more garden furniture. 

In the meantime, place your order so that your garden is totally ready for Summer. 

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