Spending the entire day indoors can become boring, so most people like to spend at least a few hours daily outdoors in their garden. People get tired standing for a longer period of time, so it is necessary to purchase suitable garden seating. There are many factors which should be considered while choosing the right garden seating. One of the main considerations are the plans of the property owner, how he plans to use the garden, whether he will hold parties, meet friends. Another consideration is the profile of the family members, whether there are children, young people or senior citizens in the house.


There are different types of garden seating available, which varies in the design, material, prices and maintenance required. Chairs are the most basic seating in the garden. There are various designs of chairs available like basic chairs, bean bags, and deck chairs. If more people are using the garden, or the person using the garden is planning to read or do some other work while outdoors, it is better to purchase benches, love seats and sofas. Other options for seating in the garden are garden swings and hammocks, though suitable arrangements should be made for installation.


Chairs are the most widely used garden seating, since they are affordable and smaller in size. These chairs are available in different materials with rattan being popular since it is very elegant and there are many designs available. Wicker rattan chairs are popular since they are light in weight and comfortable. The chairs are available in different sizes, and they should be chosen based on the profile of the family members. If there are children in the family, smaller chairs should be selected. If the family members and guests are taller and bigger, larger chairs should be ordered. Rocking chairs are also popular

During heavy rainfall or snowfall the chairs are usually stored indoors. Hence it is advisable to purchase chairs which are easily stored. Some of the chairs are designed so that the chairs can be easily stacked on each other, when not in use. In other cases, folding chairs may be used. The chairs are available in different colours with different shades of brown being the preferred colour, since the mud or dirt stains are not easily visible. Another popular colour for wicker rattan chairs is white, which can be used with cushions of different colours to give the garden an elegant look.

Other seating.

In many cases, people have a small garden, so a sofa or bench is preferred for optimal use of the space available. Also parents with small children or babies, prefer to have their children sitting next to them, so a bench is better. There are many different designs of sofa sets, often combined with a table. For benches, the size of the bench should be checked carefully before placing any order. Garden swings are ideal for larger gardens, especially for those who like to relax in the garden.

Check the wide variety of garden seating available and choose the right seating based on your requirement.