Most people who have a garden for their house or other property like to spend some time outdoors to relax and enjoy. They may also hold parties and entertain their guests outdoors. Since taking the chairs outside and bringing them back every day is inconvenient and time consuming, many people would like to purchase quality rattan garden chairs, which they can leave outside for a few days or weeks. There are a large number of furniture sellers who can supply garden chairs, and some of the tips for choosing the right garden chairs for a home garden or other gardens are listed below. 

Chair quantity and size 

One of the considerations for choosing the chairs is the size of the chairs, which depends on the size of the garden. There are different sizes of chairs available, and for smaller gardens and for families with children, smaller chairs should be purchased. If only the family members are using the chairs regularly, only a few chairs should be purchased. However, if the property owner has guests or is holding parties in the lawn or garden regularly, more chairs may be required. It is advisable to finalise the quantity of chairs required before ordering to get the best price.  

Chair design 

The garden chairs are available in different designs and patterns. Wicker garden chairs are extremely popular in homes since they are stylish and affordable. Rocking garden chairs are ideal for those who wish to relax in the garden. In addition to conventional rocking chairs, swivel type chairs are also available. These chairs are usually larger in size compared to other conventional chairs. For parties and other events, conventional designs of garden chairs can be purchased, with some buyers preferring chairs with arm rests for greater comfort. Though square or rectangular chairs are popular, many people are opting for circular chairs.  

Colours and accessories 

Though most of the garden chairs available are in different shades of brown so that it blends with the garden, other colors are also popular. White wicker rattan garden chairs are used in many gardens since they look elegant and enhance the curb appeal of the house. Some users are also preferring multicoloured garden chairs. In the garden, brown and darker colors for chairs are preferred since the dirt, mud and other stains will not be visible. Usually cushions are used with the chairs, for greater comfort. However, the cushions should not be kept outdoors, when the chairs are not being used.  

Other features 

While purchasing the garden chairs, it is important to check the manufacturer guarantee for outdoor use. Typically garden chairs are designed to withstand rainfall and harsh sunlight, they usually are coated with chemicals to protect them. Additionally the ground in the garden or the grass in the lawn may be wet, so it is advisable to ensure that the bottom of the chairs is treated, so that it does not rot despite being exposed to water or moisture for a longer period of time. The above tips should help the home owner purchase the right garden chairs.