Most chairs are small in size, the person sitting on the chair cannot keep anything beside him. Hence many people are preferring to purchase one or more garden bench for their garden, which is large enough for them to keep anything they want beside them. Rattan is the preferred material for garden furniture since it is light in weight, strong and does not get spoiled if it is exposed to rainfall for some time. Unlike other materials, rattan is also versatile and can be woven in different shapes. Some of the different types of rattan garden benches available are discussed. 


Rattan is the main material for the garden benches since it is affordable, stylish and can be converted into different shapes. Rattan strips of different sizes are used for making the benches based on the design of the bench. In many cases, the rattan is reinforced with other materials. Wood is widely used with rattan, and rattan seating is integrated with a wooden frame, for greater strength while keeping the weight low. In some cases, the rattan is used with a metal frame to enhance the strength, though the metal garden bench will be heavier.


The basic design of the rattan bench is simple, it is just designed for sitting. For greater comfort the garden bench may also have a backrest. In some cases, the bench is also having a armrest at either end. For better utilisation of space, a few of the rattan benches also have one or more shelf, which can be used to keep the different items which are frequently used. To give the bench a unique look, the rattan in the backrest can be woven in a specific shape like a deer, other animal or item. Those who will be relaxing in the bench, can opt for a swing type bench, which is hanging from a tree or other support.  



Probably the most important consideration while purchasing the rattan bench, is the size of the bench. While a smaller bench will be lighter in weight, cheaper, only a few people can sit on it at a time. It is also easier to bring them indoors. Smaller benches can be combined together if there is more space available in the garden. Larger benches can accommodate more people, yet they are heavier and more difficult to move. Before purchasing the garden bench, it is advisable to measure the area available in the garden for keeping the bench, and also decide how many people will be using the bench.  


Other considerations 

The rattan benches are available in different colours. While the garden benches in multiple shades of brown are the most popular colours for garden use, other colours may also be used. White wicker garden benches are also popular, since they contrast well with the greenery of the garden, making it look elegant. In other cases, the top of the rattan bench is painted a colour which is different from the bottom. The garden benches can also be customised based on the request of the bench buyer. So based on the requirement of the home owner, suitable garden benches can be selected.